What is a Digital Twin?

Digital Twins are virtual replicas of physical assets, processes, or systems that enable monitoring, analysis, and optimisation. They serve as a powerful tool for understanding complex (eco)systems, making data-driven decisions, and improving operational efficiency.

Experience it yourself in a view-only version of DATACT:

- For optimal experience, open in Google Chrome on your laptop or desktop computer.

- Press the four arrows on the toolbar for Fullscreen, then select 3D.

- Right-click to rotate the view.

- Left-click to move.

- Scroll to zoom.

Super high-resolution Earth observation data allows our clients across sectors to establish Digital Twins to address key challenges and opportunities in their operations, such as nature & biodiversity impact management, urban planning, infrastructure, and agriculture. By providing detailed monitoring, the Digital Twins allow for better decision-making, resource management, and environmental protection.

Digital Twins also facilitate communication and collaboration with key stakeholders during various processes, including Environmental Impact Assessments, nature-based solution projects, monitoring the actual impact of nature & climate-intensive operations, and other planning & design phases of planned development.

Digital Twins, powered by super high-resolution Earth observation data, offer remarkable opportunities to monitor, analyze, and optimize complex systems across various use cases. By promoting effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders, Digital Twins drive sustainable growth, conserve nature & biodiversity, and create a better future for all.