Construction & Real Estate

Digital building management

Digitize your assets

Bring your physical assets into digital form and communicate more effectively with:

  • Aggregated progress indices
  • Two dimensional data ranging from high coverage satellite imagery to super resolution drone data
  • 3 dimensional point clouds (Digital Twins)
  • 4 dimensional assessment by adding temporal comparison
aerial photo
aerial photo

Understand your environment

Build deeper knowledge of how you are affecting your environment and being affected by it, leading to:

  • Optimized throughput
  • Data-driven sustainable use of land and resources
  • Active environmental and operational risk management
  • Reduced costs from labor intensive monitoring tasks

Monitor progress

Keep a close eye on your area of interest, unlocking:

  • Increased quality of construction
  • More accurate information for internal and external reporting
  • Improved safety and organization in the area
  • Fewer surprises, reducing build-up of unplanned cost
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