Empowering smart farms with accessible intelligence

Digitize your land

Bring your assets into the cloud and manage your smart farm from anywhere in the world with:

  • Aggregated indices
  • Unified access to two dimensional data ranging from high coverage satellite imagery to high resolution drone data
  • 3 dimensional point clouds (Digital Twins)
  • 4 dimensional assessment through temporal comparison, visualizing change and identifying where action is needed
areal photo
Aerial photo

Understand your environment

Build deeper knowledge of your natural environment and reduce your risk exposure through better workflows for:

  • Productivity management across different fields
  • Soil and vegetation health assessment
  • Quality control

Accelerate action

Use our highly automated multi-source data pipeline to improve agility and reduce time to impact for:

  • Detection and quantification of invasive species
  • Locating and preventing spread of disease
  • Field-by-field harvesting
aerial photo

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