About us

More than half of the world's economic value generation is moderately or highly dependent on nature.

Stakeholders are demanding greater transparency into nature interaction across the supply chain of specific industries, including energy production, food and beverage, mining, and construction.

Svarmi has built unique capabilities to measure nature and allow its clients to better understand the risks and opportunities they face in real time.




Svarmi is founded by two friends pursuing their M.SC inMechanical Engineering in Stockholm.

Tryggvi Stefansson, current CTO of Svarmi, continues thecompany alone, onboarding large Icelandic companies and expanding Svarmi´s dataand analytics capabilities.


Svarmi takes on its first project, counting andestimating the stock of seal species on the coast of Iceland, marking the startof Svarmi´s early investment in biodiversity monitoring.


Svarmi takes on various research projects fromestimating seaweed stocks before harvest to monitoring the extent of birchforests and the invasive species that impact them.


Svarmi begins working for majorclients outside of Iceland including Eberhard (Switzerland) and the NorwegianRoad Administration.

Svarmi begins large scale naturemonitoring projects with two global 500 companies - beverage multinationalAB-InBev and energy producer ENEL.

The Nature Positive Podcast is launched.


Kolbeinn Hilmarsson joins Svarmias CEO after having co-founded a nature-based solutions company. He places anemphasis on building upon Svarmi’s research and practical applications to helpclients measurenature and use quality data in target setting and sustainability reporting.


Svarmi continues to work with itsclients, which include Global 500 companies, to make nature assessment andreporting more scalable, efficient and effective.


Svarmi continues work in localnature assessment and business development with companies outside of Iceland.