Data-Driven Sustainability

We help our clients understand their environment, by capturing and combining data from satellites, drones and on-ground sensors

We help you...

Mitigate risks

Identifying and managing environmental and operational risks, unlocking better decision making

Measure progress

Quantifying the changes to your environmental and physical assets, building greater transparency

React sooner

Integrating Artificial Intelligence and human expertise to deliver fast & accurate insights, enabling agility

Sustainable | Aerial | Intelligence

Our approach

Integrating Geospatial Data

We capture data from multiple sources and combine the best of different worlds, offering a more holistic approach

Processing Data

We process vast amounts of unstructured data into structured digital format, from which we extract information using AI

Visualising Results

We make data and derived products readily accessible and actionable through our data platform

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Sponsor & Awards

Icelandic Technology Dev. Fund

ESA Copernicus Masters

H2020 & ECSEL