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The Benefits and value of Nature Inventory


The Svarmi method uses multi-source earth observation data from drones, earth satellites, and on-ground observations to acquire, process, and analyse granular nature data.


Svarmi has built the ability to quantify biodiversity and forest biomass with far greater coverage, accuracy, and efficiency than prior methods, combining data to create a full inventory of your natural assets in a defined area.

Supported Decision Making

Nature-based risks and opportunities are a growing topic for organisations across the world, with more than half of the world’s entire economic value generation dependent on nature. Svarmi’s nature inventory will power informed decision making.

Alignment with
Global Frameworks

Existing and emerging ESG frameworks and regulations are demanding greater transparency in nature impact. Clear availability, accessibility, and usability of information and data can ensure accuracy and speed in compliance.

A digital nature inventory driven by multi source earth observation data

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By combining high-resolution earth observation data with on-the-ground observations, the Nature Inventory provides a complete picture of a company's impact on nature with the number, location & health of protected species and ecosystems.

DATACT visual example
DATACT visual example


The Nature Inventory allows for invasive species detection to more accurately align actions and mitigate risks.


Envision your total nature capital through forest biomass quantification and modeling.

DATACT visual example
DATACT visual example


The final Nature Inventory report will allow you to take stock of natural assets and measure, visualize, and execute progress toward nature and biodiversity goals.